The first time I saw Dentamin toothpicks at a wedding. They were designed specifically for the event with the bride & groom names and date of the wedding printed on the toothpicks plastic cover wrapping.

I was very impressed! Very personal for the couple and furthermore the interest for this small gimmick from the guests was quite overwhelming.

After the wedding I decided to use the Dentamin toothpicks as a marketing tool for my business, designed with company's logo and text.

This way I got a fresher and more unique marketing, than the more traditional paper ads, flyers and etc. which tend to drown among other marketing material.

I decided to give my Dentamin logo printed toothpicks to restaurants, whose quality and profile best mirrored the clients of my own hairdressing salon. I limited the promotion to the town where my salon is as that is where most of my customers come from and where potential new customers are most likely to be found. Over time I have reduced the number of restaurants with whom I cooperate to the best and most high profile ones. The ones I would most like my own hairdressing salon to be compared with.

There is no doubt, that our marketing is working and that we are noticed by the right people. Also by many more than we had hoped for. If not we wouldn't have used this type of marketing for more than 7 years now! Moreover, we will continue to do so with the logo printed Dentamin toothpicks as our main marketing tool.

Lotte N. Paulsen
Artistic Hairdressing Salon