Our main business area is supplying our product through HORECA distributors thereby serving a vast range of customer from hotels and restaurants to big corporate catering outlets. Many of the end users prefer to get their own company logo on the single packed toothpicks to make full use of the promotional effect.

single packed toothpicks

single packed items

Toothpicks individually wrapped in plastic with optional logo print on plastic wrapping.

denta cards

denta cards

Carton wrap with up to 4 colour logo print. Inside 4 individually wrapped Dentamin toothpicks.








New toothpick design, smaller sized better grip.  IMG_1549_dentamini
Packed individually in a white/transparent  plastic wrap.










Floss can be easily slipped between teeth without damaging tooth tissue. It has the function that toothbrush is hard to reach, and can completely remove plaque, bad breath and food particles from between teeth. Flossing between your teeth is the most effective way to reach the remaining 30% of the tooth's surface! It also can reduce the risk of gingivitis. Packed individually in a white/transparent plastic wrap.









The fun animal shapes are designed for little hands and help to encourage children to have a good oral hygiene routine. A fun and easy way to teach your kids how to floss.They come in three eye-catching colors and fun shapes. Each one of them individually sealed in a white/transparent plastic wrap.