delivery and shipment terms

Our prices are delivery included to all EU countries. For deliveries to Norway and Switzerland there will be an additional customs fee of 15 Euro.

Once we have received your design and checked all the details, we will forward an e-mail confirmation with all payment details. Payment will be through PAYPAL, where you can pay by credit card safe and easy! Upon payment your order will immediately be submitted to production and will be sent from us within max. 5 working days!

Prices of Single Color Printing


Order size Unit price Shipment cost Total cost
25.000 pcs. Euro 0,017 pcs. Included! Euro 425,00
10.000 pcs. Euro 0,024 pcs.  Included! Euro 240,00
5.000 pcs. Euro 0,033 pcs.  Included! Euro 165,00
2.000 pcs. Euro 0,060 pcs.  Included! Euro 120,00
1.000 pcs. Euro 0,085 pcs.  Included! Euro   85,00
500 pcs. Euro 0,128 pcs. Included! Euro   64,00

Prices for orders above 25.000 pcs will be calculated individually for each order based on your required quantity.

How to order

Step 1: Create the design you like and save it.

Step 2: Choose the quantity, fill in your name and details and forward your order mail.

Step 3: When receiving our e-mail confirmation. Follow the payment instruction and pay through PAYPAL.
We will send your order within 5 working days and you will receive a TNT tracking number to be able to follow you shipment.

Step 4: Enjoy you own creative work!